A fun Sunday, this one. I had my young cuz Joe stay over on Saturday night. Instead of buying he and his sister a birthday present each year, they come for a sleepover and get to choose what we cook for dinner and where we go for brekky. They feel grown-up and I get to spend time with them. Time is always better than presents. Joe wanted to make apple crumble, so we did. And then ate the whole damn lot.

On Sunday we went down to Three Blue Ducks for breakfast, and kicked the soccer ball for an hour in the park at the cliffs, overlooking Bronte and Clovelly. It's autumn but it felt like summer. We stopped at the carwash because it was nearby and I had lots to do, but it turns out using a high pressure hose and a giant foaming mop is the height of fun if you're eight. On the way home we sang along to Jake Bugg with the windows down. He's the sweetest boy, our Joe. 

I managed to read my book for an hour in between a few loads of washing, some editing work, and an evening yoga class. Afternoons on the front step are the best.