20130115-201746.jpg It's Tuesday night and I've had a slow day. The kind of slow day that makes you dread the supermarket or just wearing shoes for a moment longer than you have to.

Thankfully, I had left in the fridge the makings of an old pasta favourite that takes all of ten minutes and tastes all kinds of good. I came across the recipe years ago in Tessa Kiros' wonderful Apples for Jam and its been on a pretty constant high rotation since.

It's nice for warm summer evenings like this, when standing by the oven should be kept to a minimum and (in my case) cold ginger beers are almost all you can manage. I got the zucchini from my neighbour's market garden and it grilled up beautifully alongside the kick of some fresh mint and lemon juice.

INGREDIENTS * angel hair pasta * olive oil * zucchini * lemon juice * feta * fresh mint * cracked pepper and sea salt * I happened to have a little red onion and lemon thyme on hand, so added them too.

METHOD While the pasta is cooking, sauté the zucchini in a tablespoon or so of olive oil. It should be crispy and dark in places by the time you're ready to drain the pasta. Return the pasta, zucchini and a little more olive oil to the pan (the heat on the pan will be enough, you don't need the stove on) and add the juice of a lemon, some fresh mint, a big crumble of feta (I prefer Danish feta - it's softer and not as dry as Australian) and some cracked pepper.

Mix together, serve up the biggest portion you can manage and hope for a cool change to roll in. You may or may not end up following it with a few episodes of Homeland.