20140727-202945-73785791.jpgHome again, but what a Sunday, what a weekend. Three days in Melbourne with my big sis and one of my oldest friends. Katy flew out early to get back to my cute-as-pie nieces, and Ree and I headed out into the morning sun for a breakfast of champions at St Ali before it was back to real life (me to Sydney and her back to the coast). I shared a bedsit with Ree in London when I was 18, my first time out of home. We eventually upgraded to a sweet cherry-coloured flat on a cobblestone laneway by the Thames a few years later, and in-between backpacked through Turkey and Egypt, spent weekends in Paris and laughed our way through the Scottish Highlands together. For my 19th birthday she took me to see Beth Orton at Oxford University, when I was deep in my Central Reservation phase (I mean, obviously). While I drank pints of lager she drank pints of cider. She is one of the funniest, driest people I know and she knows me better than almost anyone. She paints, takes spectacular photographs, is a wonderful mother to Finn and Evie and spends her waking hours wishing she had more time for a surf or a sleep in.

Today we got to have breakfast together, after a night out, just like old times. Good company, two lattes and a big plate of crumpets and I was all smiles (see above).

* Crumpets are my new thing, BTW. I'm always on about donuts, make an amazing waffle and a pretty good pancake, but I think crumpets might just be my latest obsession. I've been googling recipes all afternoon. Watch this space…



20131203-215346.jpgI think this might be my first SUNDAY selfie! Kind of a half selfie really, in that you can't see my old mug. I had a little moment when I stopped by The Standard Store, a Surry Hills favourite that just happens to be up the street from the bakery (I was ostensibly out to 'buy bread') and stocks the dreamiest of dreamies - Lauren Moffatt. So here I am, pictured in what I will now refer to as The Shirt I Probably Shouldn't Buy Myself for Christmas. Good thing they didn't have this sweet baby blue in my size otherwise I'd have been a goner. It was a full day, an early brekky at Kitchen by Mike with my sister and her hubby before their  flight home, and an afternoon of birthday drinks - wine and super yummy lemongrass, ginger and lime spritzer things. Hoping I can get my hands on the recipe soon, they'd be just right for balmy summer nights on the balcony I think…