FVFIn case you were worried things were getting all a bit serious around here, I present to you: MY INSIDES. By which obviously I mean the insides of houses I like / love / lust over, as seen on my Pinterest board (of glory), called, of course, INSIDES (see also DRESS UPS and EATS, PLEASE for amazing things to wear and amazing things to eat while wearing the things). Anyways, Pinterest obsessions aside, I'm coming to a point where I need to do a little nesting and tidying. For some reason, the lounge and dining area of our little terrace feel a bit tired. They need a bit more continuity, instead of just the jumble of inherited and hard-rubbish and Ikea bits and pieces. I'm not wanting to get rid of anything necessarily, just shift it about and spend some of the pocket money I've kept aside lately on a new rug and a second round of framing (as part of my new year's resolution I had six pieces framed in February, and have another batch of five or six things ready to go next week, if I ever have a Saturday off to get to the framers).

Drawing a little inspiration from what you see here. Nothing too polished or match-matchy, still lived in, but just a little more beauty in the detail…


* Images from FVF, Fine Little Day and Jessica Comingore's lovely home on The Everygirl.