ORANGEThis one by Andrea really got me. She has such a way with soft muted colours and those moments of special (I have a couple of her prints framed at home). She knows the glory of light and this one picture made me feel like it was summer already, like the air felt heavier and my feet were already rough from sandals and beach days when afternoons last forever. She had me thinking too, about ideas of home. Her post about moving her family from their home in Oregon back down to Georgia was so romantic and heart-warming she might have started to put ideas in my head (not that they weren't there already). But I'm getting ahead of myself. It's only just spring, my jasmine has just started flowering after a year of creeping and climbing. I have a whole season ahead to think about all this.

* Palm Springs door by Andrea Corrona Jenkins


BQ1I've spent the last couple of days working through Hannah Gadsby's brilliant little series on Australian art on the ABC (very much worth a look if you haven't yet seen it). Of her many and excellent guests - my good friend Jason Wing among them - it was interesting to hear a little from Ben Quilty. I had just last week read something in the Spectrum, a piece on him in Broadsheet and, perhaps more obviously, fallen quite in love with the pictures of his studio by the talented Rachel Kara. I always love seeing where creative people live and work, it says so much, and this space was all kinds of amazing. I love how lived in and functional it felt (obviously) but mostly it was the beautiful mess that appealed to me. I like when things are a little undone. When there is thinking and motion caught in the way a book is left on a table, or some colours have been smudged across an old floorboard. A few here that to me capture the beauty in the detail, the art in the everyday.BQ2BQ* All pictures Rachel Kara for Broadsheet.


3191 FI just signed up for another year of 3191 Quarterly issues and couldn't be happier.

I love the way these ladies see the world. I love what they take out of it and especially what they put back. I often find the online world fake, overly polished and carried away with itself. It sometimes worries me and I don't know how to take it. 3191 for me is the remedy to all this. It is always about sharing the beauty of the everyday, which so often is in life's little messes and quirks. I love the hearty recipes they share here, and the traditional craft ideas. I love that the latest issue is about getting outside, about fresh air and long walks at sunset in overgrown grass. I love that I get a glimpse of this whole other life they live, 3191 miles apart.

3191 A3191 C3191 BYou can order their four, crisp, paper issues right to your door all year round.

* All images courtesy of 3191 Miles Apart, by Maria Alexandra Vettese and Stephanie Congdon Barnes.3191 E


GRAPEFRUITOh gosh. My good friend Jesse has put together a pretty special drink over on DESIGNLOVEFEST today.

This guy is not only an amazing photographer, but one of the best chefs I know. And he makes a mean drink. I spent last October swooning over his homemade hibiscus cider in the LA sunshine. And the Christmas before, took his detailed instructions for a gin, mint and cucmber drink for my family Christmas. I'll be home in Adelaide again this year (hurrah), and think this delicious grapefruit number might be just right for a late afternoon festive drink by the pool , before all the madness of our seafood feast happens.

I love that he pulled out all the stops for this one, these sweet gold-rimmed vintage champagne glasses and the soft kicks of light on the shaker - beautiful work Jesse!

* Picture by Jesse F Narducci for DESIGNLOVEFEST.


CGI keep coming back to this picture. I love Carissa's pictures anyway, am swooning over them on a regular basis, but right now, with the last of the day fading away and my evening ahead about to start, I thought I'd pause and take it in again. I like the in-between. And 6 PM on my Friday feels in-between the week and the weekend, in-between my day and my evening.

I'm heading over to a friend's house to help paint in a minute, just after this light changes. She's moving into a new rental and there are a few ugly yellow feature walls so she's bought some white paint, a few bottles of ginger beer, a whole mountain of Lebanese food, and enlisted a few of us to put in a night's work.

* Picture by Carissa Gallo


YYCThis post takes its title from one of my favourite albums of the year, Fletcher's Upon Ayr (and here's one to make you smile). Ben knows his stuff, music and otherwise, and just last week posted about some of the inspiration for his latest album cover (which is nothing less than spectacular itself) - the work of Japanese photographer Natsumi Hayashi.

She goes by the name Yawawaya Camera Woman and is just a sight to behold. I have been pouring through her self-portraits, so enamoured by how simple and still and blow-your mind cool her pictures are. A few here, if you're interested...YYC2YYC4YYC6YYC5


Some more photography for you, because on these quiet days and nights it's sometimes nice to take a peak at things through someone else's eyes. To remember that between the day to day of work and home there's a whole world out there rolling on. These ones by Elle Green took my fancy because, again, she gets the light. I'm all about the light. She's got a great eye for the road too, for travels and the moments of ease that only seem to happen when you're away from home and have your heart wide open to new things.EG 2EG 6EG 4PHOEBEThis last one, this smiling lady, happens to be my very own cousin, Phoebe Lucinda. Isn't she beautiful?


HAIRIt's mid-winter, but today in Sydney feels just like this. I can feel a taste of the warm rays of the seasons ahead, spring especially. I have all the doors and windows open, bought a bunch of lavender for the dining table and am basking in the sun pouring through into my attic room, in bare feet and it isn't a bit cold (though I am folding a veritable mountain of clothes). My street is lined with jacarandas so I'm desperate for warmer days and the bright flower of knowing Christmas is just around the corner when they're in season. Jacarandas and bougainvillaea are my dreamiest favourites, all afire with colour and life. The picture here is from LA photographer Chantal Anderson. I've been browsing through her work and falling in all kinds of love. The California ones are especially lovely, I felt so at home in LA and surrounds because of the gold light and rambling landscape, so similar to home, a feeling captured beautifully in her work...


taviroom1I was going to call this post 'girl crush', because, well, she's a girl and I crush on what she does. But actually, it's a whole lot more than that. I called it RESPECT because I have so damn much admiration and appreciation for Rookie - it's an amazing corner of the internet that continually puts up stories, ideas and pictures for teenage girls that are inspiring, interesting, intelligent and important. And fun, there seems to be a lot of fun. And I happen to think being a teenage girl should be way more fun that it often is.

These pictures of editor and founder Tavi Gevinson in her home are just lovely. They're by Petra Collins and are featured over at the ardorous, a platform for female artists working with female artists, all kinds of amazing creatives. For me it is as much the posters on the wall and the jumble of products and keepsakes and books as it is how beautiful she is. She seems, in these pictures, confident (as well she should be) with just that small bit of shy and awkward that being 17 is fraught with, in the best and most beautiful kind of way. She is both intelligent and thoughtful, and finding her way in this mad world with a whole lot of grace. TAVI 2TAVI 4