PHILLYArriving in Philly felt amazing. After miles of highway blaring with ambulances (we counted fifteen in a row, in Jersey, roaring up to New York), and three hour lines for gas we were pleased to be done with New York. We stayed with old friends, possibly the sweetest couple ever, actually, and they welcomed us with big open arms (literally big - Zach is a semi-professional basketballer, and his hugs are as warm as he is tall). We feasted on famous Philly cheesesteaks - so damn good - and drank beers and whiskey with friends and family. We went to downtown bars and met locals. And while Jordy slept off his whiskey and watched episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia (but of course), I stretched out in one of the hottest and most satisfying yoga classes of my life. Each pose was strong and felt like heaven after long days indoors, long days walking and long days in the car. It was what my body and mind needed and I felt so grateful for good friends and an hour or so to myself.

The drive on to DC isn't far, so we managed to get some sight-seeing in before we hit the road. The Rocky statue was our first stop, and aside from the glory (and humour), it is situated by the art gallery, a stunning building at the end of a long and winding drive by the river. I had not expected Philly to be quite so charming, all golden leaves and old buildings.

We saw the Liberty Bell, cracked and imperfect and all together impressive, and took in the sights of the sweet little city of brotherly love.

All in all a wonderful stop on our great road of plenty...BELL