GREENS* I'm slowly building up my garden again. After packing up my home into storage two years ago, and finally settling into this lovely house after a big year, it's been nice to get a little more green into my life. I feel like I'm at the nursery every other week, adding beauties to the collection. There's so much inspiration out there at the moment, too - so lovely. * I made this broccoli mac and cheese the other night. I loved it to bits and especially the leftovers, but have been thinking next time I'll make it a little differently - cauliflower instead of pumpkin (in with the pasta at the last minute rather than roasted - saves on washing up and I feel that with all that good cheese it won't need the crisp of the oven). And I didn't quite have enough bread on hand for the crumbs this time around, so I'll probably add a little more, and maybe some roasted almonds for the bite. And yes, this does mean I spent a good ten minutes today both eating pasta and thinking about pasta - at the same time.

* I read this lovely post by Claggie yesterday and it really got me thinking (and commenting). I talked about it a bit here, but I've been ruminating on the whole idea for a while. What makes me happy and what is important to me. Definitely that new pasta recipe, and heading back to Adelaide for my niece Daisy's fourth birthday in September. I like that it's winter and I can wear hats. And I'm probably going to buy these Nikes. I also keep thinking about going back to university again, about applying for my PhD and burying myself in the library for another four years. I'm even thinking I might be ready to date, to put my heart back out into the world. Maybe, anyway.

{Picture by A Dalinger}