IMG_2445.JPGSo much happening and a bit too much wine the night before, that's how my Sunday looked. Pleased I finally got around to trying Buffalo Dining Club last night, though we probably didn't need the bottle of sticky, or the round of whisky afterwards at Eau de Vie. I got up for the 8:30 yoga class anyway, stretched and sweated out all the pasta and wine, and did a few hours of study at the studio as my exams is just a month or so away - not before a LARGE take away latte from Reuben Hills of course (see above), because they know what they're doing and their lighting always makes me happy. Afternoon walks and talks with old friends in Elizabeth Bay who I am so glad to have back in town, errands with Tola and then home for about a hundred loads of washing and asleep by ten because I just couldn't go on any longer. I need to be better at making time for in sleep-ins or naps on my weekends at home. Possibly both.



IMG_2378.JPGLast week tea, and today a latte - I'm nothing if not consistent. It was  yoga-school weekend so aside from the brief walk in just after 6 AM, or the slower walk home just before 6 PM, this is as good as the day looked. Lots of interesting anatomy and physiology and yoga-as-therapy learning, which was brilliant, but not very pretty in the way of photographs. Ivey bought me a latte from our favourite at mid-morning break and I saw in it my saving grace and moment to capture. Not to mention it tasted like a dream.




20140622-210634-75994113.jpgA well-made morning coffee is very often the best part of my day. I love everything about the care taken, the creamy / strong kick and the good-morning I get from the staff at my favourite cafes around town. Reuben Hills takes the cake every time - seen here early on a rainy Sunday and all aglow with warmth and charm. LAST YEAR.