I’ve come back to Pinterest lately. Seems, as ever, like such an odd way to spend time but I am finding it so calming and satisfying. I am nesting, so it probably isn’t a surprise, FINALLY looking at houses and talking to banks and hopefully, in the next month or so, ready to call something my own. And lordy am I ready for it.

Not just the joy of owning something, and being able to plan a garden or paint a wall or save for the clay tiles I love, but just my own space and my things again. Like I said, working out new ways of living and being in a space, catching new pockets of light and building my life around me in a new way.

Some of the images I’ve loved and am longing for here, just a moment away from real-life and lists and emails, bills and books and work to think about things of interest. Beauty and use, comfort and calm. 

And tables, something about tables I am drawn to right now (as the pictures here well show). Maybe all these chairs I love finding their way to a table - the idea of work and coffee and newspapers and friends and baked goods, all crowded onto one surface and life happening in and around the edges.



Autumn LightI spent the week prior to Easter looking at flights to Adelaide. It was last minute, it was a long weekend, it was ridiculously expensive. But every part of me wanted to be at home with family and friends. Being home a few weeks ago, albeit hard, was a glimpse of autumn and just what I dreamed of. Having landed in the grey rain, a drive up the Hill in the fog and walking into my parents house, an Irish lamb stew with potatoes and a bottle of local red at the ready, and a long soak in the bath before bed was all you could hope for. I woke up in the morning to gold and red leaves falling, and an actual bucket of small organic yellow apples from my neighbours yard in the kitchen. It was cold, there were cups of tea with friends and hugs from my mother and when it came to the idea of Easter, having four days off work, it was just where I wanted to be. Back there. But for $700 a few weeks before I head to Europe, I couldn't quite justify it. I know, not the ending you were hoping for. Certainly not what I was hoping for, but life is hard and I'm spoilt enough. And in the end - in the end - it was a kind of magnificent weekend here in Sydney. Specifically, things that made it lovely were:

* waking to rain on Good Friday, making a perfect cake in my nightie, then crawling back into bed with a pot of tea and said cake and doing not much more than that all day * making some fancy mac'n'cheese with emmental, grana padana, Tassy cheddar and some French goat's cheese to go with a big green salad and a half a bottle of one of my favourite Clare Valley rieslings * a new personal best of a run in Centennial Park in the early morning light * a batch of my best granola for a busy week ahead * a for-no-reason new sweat that is WAY too bold but so fantastic I couldn't put it down * rainy nightime Bondi walks and juicy yoga classes * five on-and-off hours in my kitchen making this lovely Southern pie for my Sunday night family dinner * an hour of kitchen-dancing after our dinner (because doing the dishes in my family is always amazing) * a good bit of gardening / tidying / pottering on my front deck with a take-away latte * old friends who call you in tears (not the tears, but the being the person they call when they're in tears) * arvo beers and laughs at the pub with brilliant new friends when your plans for a walk are rained out

And in between all of it, downtime. Meg time. Peace and quiet and mostly in-bed time. It was just what I needed.

{Image by Apiece Apart, my bed was never quite as glamorous as all that}


IMG_5082.JPGA kind of surreal SUNDAY here. Yesterday was worse, sat inside at my parents house in Stirling listening to AM radio updates and worrying about bushfires raging out of control in the Adelaide Hills. The amazing CFS crews were not able to contain them, may not for another week, and while we're 20 odd kilometres from the fire, the clouds are dark and smoky, and my heart goes out to the locals (some of them friends), whose homes and livestock may be lost. The heat in Adelaide just hangs in the air, and our stomachs drop when the wind picks up. By SUNDAY though, trying to get on with things and think positively, we had my brother and Melody, newly engaged, and her family to my parents house for lunch. Two large families, a lot of food, several bottles of Croser and an afternoon swim with the kids was as nice away as any to distract yourself from the dramas unfolding with the fires.

Stirling is so beautifully green, even at this time of year, and my folks' garden is full of some of my favourites - camellias, gardenias, agapanthas, roses, orchids, lavender - and hydrangea, all ripe for the picking.