JOURAn old friend of mine has been working hard these past few months, quietly and patiently putting together a whole little business. She is one of those friends who has effortless and impeccable taste, who always looks so put together and polished. I'm usually coveting her jewellery or her shoes, and she has very beautiful long hair. Enough of the gushing, what I'm getting at here is that she likes nice stuff, and now we have glorious access to all kinds of nice stuff through her new site, Nine Lives of Mine.

RINGSOCKSIt's a site full of all manner of beautiful gift ideas for everyone in your life, and a good amount of stuff for yourself too. I'm pretty obsessed with all the amazing travel guides and would certainly buy one if only I could just decide between Copenhagen, Rome, Writing London, and Old LA.


Nine Lives of Mine has a beautiful selection for birthdays and upcoming Christmas ideas, or I-just-got-paid / treat-myself Thursdays (as I tend to call them)...


20130920-115000.jpg Did I ever tell you about the time I got my brother a Build Your Own Canoe kit for his birthday? The good people at Reform School in LA put this one together and I was super-pleased (and oh, so relieved) to find such a thing existed. I feel like it made the perfect gift, considering the year before had landed him with a framed cross-stitch of Bill Murray's head - you know, that kind of thing sets a certain tone, a high standard in your gift giving that is hard to beat.

I'm spending my lunch hour today on the prowl for gifts for my niece Daisy and my friend Melody. Both dreamy ladies, so something I'm very much looking forward to. I like gifts to be something special, something you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself. And I LOVE the giftwrapping...