FLOWERYJust a brief post here...

I'm heading home to Adelaide this afternoon for a dear friend's wedding tomorrow and am all a bit excited. A Hills garden, champagne, some of my oldest and most cherished friends, marriage vows, cheers of joy, and maybe a little dancing. This will be a special one.

I'm having a big family dinner on Saturday too, at my folks house. Kind of a hint of what is to come at Christmas, really -Ā a big table of food, lots of bottles of Shaw and Smith and my nieces dropping crumbs and spilling juice and always getting ice cream afterwards, because now that my parents are grandparents they just never seem to say no. I can't really blame them, these girls are pretty sweet.


20131027-211950.jpgJasmin-tensity, huh? That right there is my house. My house, and, specifically, the balcony off my bedroom thick with jasmine. Heaving with it. It is so beautiful and so fragrant that in the afternoons when the southerly comes in my room is soaked with that heavy fragrance of summer and long days and warm evenings. It's spectacular. And if it weren't for the mosquitos, I'd quite happily leave the door open all season long.