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This here little fold-over is pleasing me no end. I love near everything Baggu do and this is in my dusty, mauve-beige dream colour, so it was always going to be a must.

Whenever I get my nails done my sister messages to ask what colour I chose, and I say ‘oh, you know, the same boring nudey thing’. She is a woman of bold orange and powdered blue, but for me it is always this, or a little more purple, maybe a same kind of pink.

I don’t have any great need for a new bag, or any spare money for the international shipping. But I’ve bookmarked it just in case. And my god do I have my eye out for crisp white jeans.


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I've been wearing the same clothes for three months now. The same two pairs of shoes each day (Birks or Converse, if you don't count my Nikes) and mostly a few pants, shirts and the odd dress. All very plain - black, grey, denim, linen, some mustard trousers if I'm feeling daring. It's fine, and ideal for travels. But lordy if I am not bored of it all. Clothes I used to love and feel good in, I now put on and feel tired of. 

I have bought a few things, but again, just stuff I can rotate and wear with what I already have. Nothing glorious, just easy. I am longing for new and interesting pieces, especially with a week in Portugal coming up. It's going to be a lot warmer and I'm not sure how well prepared I am.

These looks from Creatures of Comfort, one of my fave LA brands, are pleasing me right now. 



Today's DRESS UPS post is brought to you by soft fabrics and high-brow comfort. I tell you, I cannot get enough of everything that is tony chestnut - the Canadian clothes of my dreams. Handmade by the lovely Jill, who I can only assume is the babe I have been swooning up and down Instagram over (see above and below). I love when people have a very distinct and put-together style that seems so wholly and beautifully them. Of course in this case, I want it to be me too! I want my life to look like these pictures - calm and interesting and understated and beautiful. I am very taken by the rust linen onesie (bottom right) and have had the tab open for a good few days now, thinking to buy.  


* All images from tony chestnut


IMG_5294.JPGOne of the few style sites that I follow and love is CALIVINTAGE, and this last year's round-up of hers is a top notch example of Things I'd Rather Be Wearing. I love the way she always looks comfortable, casual and yet very put-together. She has a distinct style that I love, very classic but with all the right details, and I intend to steal ideas from her all year long. IMG_5292.JPGIMG_5293.JPGLots of denim and linen and brown leather, nothing too fussy but so damn good. Well played Erin, well played. * All images from CALIVINTAGE.



IMG_2689.JPGI've been noticing a bit of a theme lately (listen to her, talking about her Pinterest like it's an actual thing). I've noticed that I'm liking a whole lot of blue dresses. Loving them, in fact. Until about a year ago I couldn't tell you that I'd really owned a blue dress, unless you count a beach cover-up that is at least five summers faded. But then I bought that Creatures of Comfort dress - that dress of my dreams that I love every time I slip it on. And then this Lauren Moffatt, which was / is a true delight and yet again, BLUE! The whole thing always makes me think of Crowded House: 'you opened up your door / I couldn't believe my luck / you in your new blue dress / taking away my breath'. And maybe they haven't had such a rousing or romantic stamp of approval in my personal experience, but surely it's only a matter of time?

IMG_2690.JPGThese four are pretty damn lovely and very damn blue (one / two / three / four).


MYRTLE AOne of my most favourite Instagram follows is MYRTLE, a boutique in Echo Park, Los Angeles. The owner Whitney has about the best smile on the 'gram - always cheering me and always sporting one hell of a sweet outfit. She stocks some of the nicest, most original and well curated bunch of dresses and shirts and shorts and onesies, with an eye for independent female designers from around the world. I missed it when I was last in LA, but they ship worldwide which is good news.MYRTLE BMYRTLE CTheir lookbooks are also pretty wonderful and inspiring, as you see here. Images by Megan McIsaac for MYRTLE.


20140306-214026.jpg I'd kept things pretty quiet lately, till last week's splurge of course, and now here I am awaiting delivery of these treats. Vege Threads is an Adelaide brand that I've come to know and love. I picked up their tank dress at Christmas, in the lovely deep rust colour and have worn it A LOT. Not only is this a local Adelaide brand, but their designs are solid, their materials organically and ethically sourced, and they just wear beautifully. They're 100% cotton and naturally dyed and they just hold their shape and colour so dang well. I often find cotton can stretch or warp and lose it's shape, even though I love the idea of plain, fresh, breathable natural fibres, but not these babies. Vege Threads have put together a really fantastic product that I am completely smitten with.

VEGE ONEKeep an eye on their Instagram, as I managed a 15% discount and free shipping, which made my striped tank dress and mocha tee (hopefully arriving tomorrow) kind of hard to walk away from.

*Images via Vege Threads.


DENIM 8One of the things about me is I always wear jeans. Mostly blue jeans. I keep thinking I should branch out more, but it's what I'm comfortable with. I love any kind of denim really (and especially double-denim) - I have four vastly different chambray shirts that I live in, two denim dresses, a vintage jacket, at least ten pairs of jeans, a few cut-offs, the list goes on. So  you might imagine how happy Madewell makes me (especially here and here) . Life feels better in denim, and goodness if it doesn't look better in these styles. I'd honestly like to take it ALL, but will have to settle for a few key pieces when Tola hits NYC this month - why oh why do Madewell not deliver to Australia!?DENIM 3