IMG_4219.JPGEach year I try and make some of my gifts. I keep meaning to make my own soap, but it takes a while to let it set and I never manage to think of it early enough in the year. So this year, baskets. I started them a while back, but kept getting distracted by real life. I've been home almost a week, but sick the whole time. Nothing like working all hours and stressing out to land you in a heap on your parents couch with a fever and a nasty virus for five long days. I had to cancel all my plans and slept it off, in between cups of ginger tea and a lot of British drama. I watched Gosford Park, Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually and several Jamie Oliver Christmas specials, and have emerged the other side feeling disappointed and pretty bored. No studio visits with friends, no McLaren Vale, no Mt Lofty hikes or wine tasting, no nights out and no baking.

A lot of time to craft and think about the last year though, and the new year ahead. I've been trying to order my ideas and resolutions, and reflect on what has made me happy this year. It feels like the years are going faster, the days too. I'm wondering quite how I'll keep up in 2015...