MUG GREENAs the weather gets cooler and the nights longer (if it's dark, it's night in my book) I find I'm drinking a whole lot more tea.

I love English Breakfast and of course Earl Grey, but after a few amazing months living in India when I was 19, I've been all about chai. I smiled at every train stop and every market stall in Mumbai as soon as I heard the familiar chant of 'CHAI, CHAI, CHAI'. I really can't get enough, and aside from my dear old friend Surya who makes an amazing brew, nothing since has compared.

But I spent a week in Paris the year before last and happened upon Kusmi Tea. I found their store is in a sweet lane way in the Marais, my favourite part of Paris, and it was so good I bought a box to take home to Jordy (who is also chai-happy after a few weeks in India himself). We rationed the tea bags for a good month back in Sydney before they ran out. And since he is working hard planting apple and pear trees in the depths of Iowa right now, I decided to order a box online to surprise him. As you might imagine, he was pretty damn happy about it...

* Image via Pinterest, I think originally from Beklina's lovely range.