TOWELI might have splurged and bought myself a little something - in the week before Christmas, no less.

But like I said, my friend's shop has a wonderful selection and this Turkish linen bath towel is pretty much just what I need in my life. I have the kind of pale Irish skin that burns in minutes, and have been known to cross the street for shade three times over just walking to the bus. I love summer, but I don't love going out between 11 and 3, or not remembering to leave a bottle of suncream in the car. And with a sweaty few months ahead, and a week at a beach house, this lightweight linen towel is just what I need to dry off and cover up with. Or at least that's how I justified it in my head…


WILDHow do you like my WILD AT HEART shorts, from the new season Gorman range? I bought them a few weeks ago, but haven't got around to wearing them yet (kind of living in my cut-offs at the moment). I'm really not a 'wild at heart kind of girl', more heart on my sleeve / heart of gold / heart's a mess to be honest, but I do love a bold print and a shorty short, so thought they might be a nice way to kick off the season...


TEA TOWEL 1Very pleased to tell you that I just bought myself a little part of the latest 3191 collection. I've long been inspired by everything the girls at 3191 do, from photography and print to their recent homewares and textiles. Their work is classic, refined, full of clean lines and beautiful detail. In this case, my soon to be beloved tea towel is a hand-dyed linen with a sweet leather tab.

I'm very taken with the idea of one of their beauty&use smocks too, in lovely Nepalese cotton. Not quite in my current budget, but something to keep an eye on (if they don't sell out in five minutes, of course).TEA TOWEL 2

* All pictures by Stephanie Congdon Barnes and Maria Alexandra Vettese at 3191 Miles Apart.