EXALTEDIn case things weren't busy enough for me, between work and volunteering and moving house, I decided I needed another challenge. A personal challenge, a way of bringing a little good back into my breath and body. My yoga studio, the always inspiring Body Mind Life in Surry Hills, runs a 40 Day Revolution a few times a year. It's an all over revolution of yoga, meditation and clean eating that helps to bring you back to the things that matter. It is based on the teachings of Baron Baptiste and, over the course of 6 weeks (or 40 days), takes you through a range of daily practices and focuses. Making time for yoga every day is sometimes tough. Not tough because of the yoga so much - it is always wonderful to step onto that mat - but sometimes just getting to the studio before or after work, washing all my sweaty gear, remebering to drink enough water, finding time to make a nice dinner after a late class, the logistics of it all. This is the fourth year in a row I've undertaken the challenge and here in only week one, where our theme is PRESENCE, I am feeling the lightness and ease the regular practice brings. Poses like Exalted Warrior (above) are resonating with me for their strength and lift. I am making some time for meditation, eating well and sleeping like the dead. I know there will be weeks when it feels hard and tiring, where my hips feel tight and my thighs feel heavy, but I think of it as part of the undoing. I once heard yoga described as 'unfolding your body' and with spring here and a new year not so far away, it feels right to be opening up a little.

*Image via Pinterest yet again, along with lots of other inspiring bodies...