20140304-123729.jpgSunday kind of flew by. Full and bright, in spite of the rain. I spent the best part of the day at a babyshower or blessing for my friend and his wife who are about to have their first child. It was a traditional Hindi affair and so lovely. The blessing itself was beautiful, as was the mother-to-be's stunning sari and jewels - she looked radiant, no other word for it. And my friend was smiling from ear to ear the whole day, so excited about his new little amily on the way. The women all wore beautiful saris in rainbows of colours, beaded and draping like a dream, and the men wore suits were complete gentlemen. The dancing was amazing, some traditional performances that I was mesmerised by, and some more relaxed Bollywood-style ones tht the kids joined in with. And the food! Oh gosh, not since I was in India have I had such an amazing array of vegetarian curries and pickles. I really couldn't have been happier to share in their day. LAST YEAR.