EBAll enamoured by Emily Besser on this Monday night. Because, lordy, the world keeps coming. After following along on her Instagram (another reason I just love the medium), I was very pleased to find a write-up over on The Design Files.

Amber Cresswell Bell puts it so beautifully: It is sometimes easy to pass off abstract art as ‘easy’ – especially when it looks random, scribbly and spontaneous, but it takes discipline, a practiced hand and a keen understanding of medium to really make a painting sing. Emily ‘anchors’ her works by giving them a title, but it is her fascination with the process – the accidental marks, or unconscious decisions made about colour, line and shapes – that incite the evolution of her signature style. 

Stunning, original image by Emily Besser.


GRACE LEEAfter thinking and dreaming and a little bit of scheming, I went ahead and booked a flight to Japan. For next month. Couldn't be happier about it, either. What's not to be amazing - fast trains, mountain villages, old friends, new friends, busy streets, another language and all the sashimi. Part of the trip was inspired by Grace Lee's stunning little illustrations - she has an eye for detail and colour and just the right amount of white space. I met her when she published Amazing Babes last year, and she is always turning out wonderful projects (I follow her Instagram to get a peak). And since she's Tokyo-based these days, I have found myself double-tapping to like everything and anything she shares. As you see here, she really captures the wonderful parts and people of this overwhelmingly busy and exciting town.

We're hopefully meeting up for a beer and hello which makes me happy - locals know all the best places, and she's so damn nice!

Oh, and her prints are available over at Lamington Drive if you know what's good for you.

Images by Grace Lee.


EC4Falling in love again this week, with Evie Cahir's beautiful illustrations. I don't quite remember how I came across them, but I've had a tab open to her tumblr for the past two weeks, just trawling through and blissing out. The style really appeals to me, isolated and detailed, beautiful and sparse. EC3 Fill your boots, eh? EC2She's a talented young lady (is she young? I actually don't know)(but we're all young at heart anyway). Her website shows her more recent work, and she sells some of the prints which is mighty tempting for me…


BQ1I've spent the last couple of days working through Hannah Gadsby's brilliant little series on Australian art on the ABC (very much worth a look if you haven't yet seen it). Of her many and excellent guests - my good friend Jason Wing among them - it was interesting to hear a little from Ben Quilty. I had just last week read something in the Spectrum, a piece on him in Broadsheet and, perhaps more obviously, fallen quite in love with the pictures of his studio by the talented Rachel Kara. I always love seeing where creative people live and work, it says so much, and this space was all kinds of amazing. I love how lived in and functional it felt (obviously) but mostly it was the beautiful mess that appealed to me. I like when things are a little undone. When there is thinking and motion caught in the way a book is left on a table, or some colours have been smudged across an old floorboard. A few here that to me capture the beauty in the detail, the art in the everyday.BQ2BQ* All pictures Rachel Kara for Broadsheet.