If you read my Tiny Letter, or the SUNDAY posts here, you’ll know September was a big and truly lovely month for me. I like putting the letter together as it gives me pause to reflect. Not just the way I do each week with the posts, but to see patterns, themes, {blessings} and feelings as they emerge throughout the month.

This last month, looking back on the letter, and this morning, looking back at my front door as I locked it and headed out into my day, I realised how settled I am. How happy I am. Yesterday I ran into friends getting coffee at Mondays (out of the blue isn’t really a thing here in Adelaide) then I stopped by Ness’ office at Slice and we marveled that we both live here now. That this is our life. I spent most of the day between my office and the library, then ended it talking about books and drinking wine in my backyard with a brilliant friend who lives a street away. This evening I’m going on a bushwalk with my sister, while the wattle is still blooming. Things couldn’t be easier.

I mean of course there’s stress, a fairly constant amount of overwhelm trying to keep everything together. I’m never not worried about money or stretched for time, but I don’t really mind it. I chose it. I choose it every day, filling up my life with things that give me joy, that challenge me and stretch my head and heart in new ways. Maybe it’s just spring, but things feel expansive, intentional. And so good.