I love Sundays like this. Early up, coffee with a friend in Potts Point, stomping through puddles with her smalls and, because it was too wet for the park, a good catch up at hers. And then home to dig in and get some gardening done. I had bought a fiddle leaf fig for inside, which needed potting, and then a heap of my small guys out the front needed re-potting to a bigger home. It took a good while, and I got a sore back, but am so happy with the results. I took some cuttings while I was at it too, to strike up in jars by the kitchen window (above) and hopefully pot by spring.

Not to mention I made a pot of amazing soup for friends and then we went to the Opera House to see my dream man, Ira Glass, in Three Acts, Two Dancers and One Radio Host. I can't begin to tell you how much I loved the whole thing. I smiled like a fool the whole night.