Today was plain old lovely. It was a Sunday by the book, or by my book at least. Up by 8 and out to Addison Road Markets to buy veggies for the week, not to mention a few new records and some plants, and a big bunch of poppies which have already started to blossom and fall. I did some gardening while Katie made stewed rhubarb for our muesli and watercress soup for our lunch (she's very British). And in the afternoon I made a batch of strawberry and ginger scones from the Violet Cakes book I got in London - otherwise known as my happy place. The cafe, the book, the scones - all of them heaven. I love the photography and the way Clare writes, and the combinations of flavours feels simple but blows my mind. My cousin Lucy came by and we drank tea and ate scones and cried laughing on my front porch in the afternoon sun. 

I made a chicken pie for dinner and found a bit of time to read the paper in-between loads of washing. Like I said, a Sunday by the book.