There was a moment on Sunday, around my third pint of Stone and Wood, that just seemed to sing. As if all the things had fallen into place - it was cold but bright, 12 or so of my very best friends had come down to the Wheatsheaf for an afternoon drink, the sun was pouring in through the window, the open fire was warm and my nieces and friends' children had calmed a little and were mostly colouring-In or eating crisps. But Daisy wanted to dance and I realised as I got up with her that they were playing Miss Ohio by Gillian Welch which has to be about the best song to Sunday with. Sometimes a song feels like the exact right way to sum up a day, or a feeling. And when it comes on without thought, when you just hear it there out of nowhere it  feels like if life was a film; curated with just the right sentiment or melody or something. Holding Daisy's hands and laughing, swaying, I felt and knew that there was nowhere else to be and everything happens for a reason and the reason was that afternoon. 

Lemonades were spilt and some couldn't stay long, but for a while there it was wonderful.