Been a while coming, this post. So many new sounds and songs going around in my head... 

* Not a newby, but after seeing Jenny Lewis at the Enmore a month or so ago I can't get enough of her. Her as her, and also her as Rilo Kiley. Arms Outstretched has always been a gem, but hearing her sing it with just a guitar and some sweet backing harmonies was beautiful.

* Best Coast / California Nights because the mornings are lighter and it's just now spring and the jasmine has started. The long, dog days of summer are close at hand and I could't be happier about it. This album sounds like I feel. 

* My big sister put me onto City and Colour when I was home in July and I felt like I was 15 again, with her lending me tapes or CDs and knowing what's what way before I had a clue. The Hurry and the Harm came out back in 2013, but is is such lovely introduction to his stuff that I have barely moved on. It's just such a beautifully crafted collection of songs. 

* That there's a new Wilco album makes me happy. That it's called Star Wars and has a vintage painting of a cat on the front makes me happier. That it's a brilliant listen makes me happiest. I mean, of course it would be - it's all the twang and rock you expect of these gentlemen, with just enough good humour and all that wonderful guitar work. 

* Jess Ribeiro, Kill It Yourself is brand-spanking-new and so-damn-amazing. The title track especially - my friend Em messaged me about it JUST as I was listening to it. I love how dark and moody it is, kind of eerie and beautiful. It was produced by Mick Harvey which gives you an idea of how talented this woman is and seems to me like a brilliant fit. Also, I just love the cover. Reminds me a bit of Exile on Main St and a bit of a few years ago

* Apparently, Tobias Jesso Jr's Goon is 'the most depressingly beautiful album ever written. It's like Elton John and Paul McCartney had a love child, and he knows exactly what a break up feels like'. This, from the last person I broke up with. You get the picture - beautiful, sad, sweet, melodic. This guy is a serious talent. 

* The only thing I don't like about the new Jason Isbell album is that he's not touring it. I hear he and his wife just had a baby, which is lovely, but not much good to me here in Sydney. I saw him support Ryan Adams at the Opera House a few years ago, not knowing what to expect and was just completely bowled over. This new one isn't as heartbreakingly tense as his old one, just that strong alt-country sound with his beautiful voice. 

* Ben Salter's The Stars My Destination is one of the best Australian albums I've heard in a while. Boat Dreams is kind of like 80s Australian rock (and I mean that in a really good way).

* Not sure how I came across Holy Holy, but they've been on high rotation the last month or so. They're playing around the country at the moment, and I'm hoping to make a show - it's kind of melodic and interesting, reminds me of Local Natives in parts. Very smooth and beautifully put together sounds.