A nice little Sunday. Bit of gardening while Liz slept in, then a drive south to Royal National Park. We stopped for coffee at West End Espresso because I'd heard good things, and all the things were right. This is a shining light in deepest suburbia, beautifully fitted-out, from the lighting to the chairs to the perfect low glasses and smooth lattes. We didn't eat, but the food looked GOOD. And the guys running the place were the sweetest ever, couldn't have loved them more - will definitely be swinging by again soon. 

We were headed to Bundeena to a friend's house, and arrived for a late lunch on the deck, Gillian Welch playing on the stereo, walls crammed with beautiful art, a very sweet dog, lots of afternoon sun and yesterday's papers on the table among some nice cheese and the sourdough we brought. Chardonnay and salmon on the BBQ and a lot of intelligent, thoughtful and very funny conversation about the arts. We managed a good walk on the beach with the dog afterwards as the sun was lowering, and took the long drive out of the park just after golden hour - the scrub and bushland catching the last of the day. I love the grey half-light, pink skies and not quite being able to see the detail.

We sang to Joanna Newsom and Bon Iver and stopped for dumplings on the way home.