I’ve come back to Pinterest lately. Seems, as ever, like such an odd way to spend time but I am finding it so calming and satisfying. I am nesting, so it probably isn’t a surprise, FINALLY looking at houses and talking to banks and hopefully, in the next month or so, ready to call something my own. And lordy am I ready for it.

Not just the joy of owning something, and being able to plan a garden or paint a wall or save for the clay tiles I love, but just my own space and my things again. Like I said, working out new ways of living and being in a space, catching new pockets of light and building my life around me in a new way.

Some of the images I’ve loved and am longing for here, just a moment away from real-life and lists and emails, bills and books and work to think about things of interest. Beauty and use, comfort and calm. 

And tables, something about tables I am drawn to right now (as the pictures here well show). Maybe all these chairs I love finding their way to a table - the idea of work and coffee and newspapers and friends and baked goods, all crowded onto one surface and life happening in and around the edges.