A weekend at home, a SUNDAY for the memory bank. I flew back last week for what was supposed to be a surprise family lunch for my Mama's 60th, but of course she guessed the whole thing weeks ago, right down to the restaurant we were going to. She's good. And The Star of Greece is a bit of an Adelaide favourite. It's a kind of shed, on the edge of a cliff an hour's drive south of town in Port Willunga. Named after a shipwreck out in the gulf, it serves local and spectacular seafood. It's simple stuff, not too fancy, but high quality produce, brilliant service and beautiful local wines (though we brought a few bottles of good French champers my brother got his hands on, and then ordered a chablis which was so delicious I immediately regretted my decision to act as driver). 

It was lovely to be home and reminded of how wonderful South Australia is, how we want for nothing down there in terms of beauty and quality.