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I've been wearing the same clothes for three months now. The same two pairs of shoes each day (Birks or Converse, if you don't count my Nikes) and mostly a few pants, shirts and the odd dress. All very plain - black, grey, denim, linen, some mustard trousers if I'm feeling daring. It's fine, and ideal for travels. But lordy if I am not bored of it all. Clothes I used to love and feel good in, I now put on and feel tired of. 

I have bought a few things, but again, just stuff I can rotate and wear with what I already have. Nothing glorious, just easy. I am longing for new and interesting pieces, especially with a week in Portugal coming up. It's going to be a lot warmer and I'm not sure how well prepared I am.

These looks from Creatures of Comfort, one of my fave LA brands, are pleasing me right now.