LIGHTReading back on that last post, I don't think the light quite got in. Storms and hurricanes aside, New York was good to us, without a doubt. I met some of Jordy's closest friends and drank delicious IPA in the Lower East Side. We missed getting mad for Hallowe'en (hard to travel light with costumes), but loved watching the city come alive with ghouls and fake cobwebs.

I re-visited one of my favourite NYC cafes and spent time with an old friend and her spectacularly cute little girl, now a local in this big old town. And, gloriously, I got to spend a week or so with two of my most dearest and treasured friends. Friends that are sisters to me. It's a wonderful thing when travels and timing come together. Tola and Addy and I wandered the amazing Brooklyn flea markets at Clinton Hill, complete with a ribbon stall and the best homemade doughnuts of my life, bought matching monogrammed bracelets, spent a good two hours rummaging at Beacon's Closet and drank rose in the afternoon. We warmed our hands with soy lattes from Smooch and bought bright coloured sneakers to kick around town in.

And we did. We walked uptown and downtown and talked and giggled and indulged in a whisky or three. And we ate like kings at a wonderful 'last supper' before Jordy and I hit the road - for anyone heading to New York, do make the time for Potlikker in Williamsburg, and especially their sweet corn ice cream (it may very well change your life)...

FRIENDSOh, and, for the record, our AIR BNB studio was a brilliant find - we can highly recommend it (especially the kitchen, I was swooning at all the amazing Danish cook ware).