This evening, by glory of a dear friend, I was able to see Sarah Blasko perform a few songs from her upcoming album, I Awake. To present it to the world she has put together a small installation in a gallery space in Darlinghurst, with a sufficiently breathtaking video sequence and stations to listen to the album. Such a beautiful way to experience her new songs. It opens tomorrow to the public, but I had my name on the door tonight – Meg 'plus one' for a champagne and a few moments in the small space of just 60 or so, listening to one of my most favourite musicians (not to mention her handsome guitarist*). It is such a personal thing, writing a book of songs, all of them poetry in motion, then having the heart to sing them down to a room full of people. I’ve been a bit in love with each and every one of Sarah’s albums, but her latest work has blown me away. It seems stronger and more defined and her voice feels more full. I don’t know, maybe it was that one champagne, but I was overwhelmed with the glimpse that I had tonight. The first song she played, just her and the piano, was An Oyster, A Pearl. I was struck by how sometimes it feels like a song was written just for you, and you hear it at just the right time in life.  For me, at a time when I am trying to write again, to put words and pages down to crate some order in my mind, she broke my heart just a bit.

Write down what you know and let your feelings show Be who you are and give all that you’ve got It’s easy and as hard as this Though you try to resist

 It’s just the way of this world Let it be your oyster, your pearl Make you an honest girl Let it be your oyster, your pearl     

That she sang it with the richest voice and, just quietly, a really lovely dress, made it all the more amazing.

* The handsome guitarist may or may not be married to another dear friend of mine.