Today's SUNDAY is from Saturday, because what a Saturday. My brother Paddy and his girl Melody got married and it was as beautiful and special as you could hope for. Melody's a classic gal and the whole day was stunning - each detail beautifully thought through and so perfectly THEM. You know how sometimes you go to a wedding, and it feels like any wedding, generic and same / same? This wasn't that. It was them in every moment, from the Hills garden, to the Feist song that had me in tears from the moment the flower girls and bridesmaids started walking down the path, to the spectacular flowers, my reading, Paddy's hand tailored suit, Melody's spectacular flowers and glowing smile, the bottles of Croser and Pol Roger to celebrate with, the old friends and my nieces, stealing everyone's hearts as the sweetest flower girls ever there were.  

There was amazing local food, Shaw and Smith everything, dancing, homemade cakes and general merriment. And through it all, I have NEVER seem my little brother so happy. It was the best.