A weekend away, ostensibly as a gift to Katie for her birthday, but mostly an excuse for Clare and I to spend time with her and drink wine in the afternoon.  We went to Canberra to see the James Turrell retrospective at the National Gallery and stayed in at Hotel Hotel. The exhibition was a spectacular study of light and space that kind of blew our minds, in a really lovely way. The way it challenged our perceptions and all looked so damn beautiful. We saw Rothkos and Pollocks afterwards, and Clare's favourite Rosalie Gascoignes, and spent lots of time with the Sydney Nolans.

We loved the hotel too, they've done a wonderful job of it - brilliant design, kind and efficient staff and spectacular attention to detail. The whole precinct at Acton was impressive actually, as was a morning cycle around the lake just after 9, our hands and ears numb in spite of the glorious sun. We all love an excuse to stretch our legs and embrace the fresh air, so we were a good team. 

The drive home was a different story, however. I provided some good listening with Dear Sugar, but talked the girls into some greasy fries at the truckstop (see above). The light was nice though, and who doesn't love a booth seat?