You know it's been raining too long when you spend $8 on dried mango pieces (organic, as it were). I was supposed to go sailing with a friend today (a sentence I never thought I'd write), but we got rained out and I happily warmed myself inside and out with an 8:30 yoga class down in Bondi. Persia is such a wonder, and I woke up feeling like I needed some grounding and love the way she does so well - her classes are always so challenging, sweaty, heartfelt and reaffirming for me. I bought the mango and walked back to the car in the rain, the beach a grey and misty mess a few blocks away. And because I was feeling indulgent, I stopped for a take away latte at Artificer, a new cafe on Bourke St that is all clean lines, smooth surfaces and lovely staff. I especially liked the brass details and the lighting. They kind of shon all golden against the light timber on this overcast morning.