A little SUNDAY away, and a few more to come this year if all goes to plan. It was something I loved last year, getting out of town, so I'm trying hard to make a habit of it.

Not that I had to try hard this week - it was my very good and dear friend's birthday, her 40th, and since we share the same birth date and lived together for years, she's a bit of a sister to me. So I was all on board when she organised for 15-odd of us to rent a few houses up on Lake Wallis for a couple of nights to celebrate. We ate cheese, we made pizzas, we did the quiz, we drank wine, we went paddle-boarding, we napped, we went for walks, we played tennis, we played cards, we played at circus games, we ate more cheese, we drank more wine, we roasted a few legs of lamb (and lots of veggie lasagne), we talked, we danced, we made dark and stormies, we sat around the fire pit, we danced some more, we made epic breakfasts, we drank endless pots of Lad Grey tea and just generally had a wonderful time of it. Katie's friends are wonderful and it was nice to spend time with a new team of smart and funny people.

The main house had a spectacularly long table in the kitchen - my dream table really. Lond enough to have pots of flowers and herbs (from the garden), someone deep in breakfast prep, someone reading the paper, a few empty bottles of wine from the night before and still space to spread out and just live. On a table.