Listening and feeling all the feelings with this old song lately. It's been on my mind a lot - singing it in my head and playing it on repeat each chance I get.

Some songs just take you back. I think I remember knowing, those first few listens to Ashes and Fire that I loved this one best. It felt like an important song, one that would define a whole time of my life, the way some songs just do.

And then - again - this past month, round and round in my head...

I don't remember were we wild and young All that faded into memory I feel like somebody I don't know Are we really who we used to be Am I really who I was 

The lights will draw you in And the dark will bring you down And the night will break your heart But only if you're lucky now

He'll be in town again this year, I think, old Ryan...

* Picture from Claggie