IMG_5948.JPGI'm starting to quite like this round-up idea, the best of what I've been listening to over on RDIO of late... * I have only heard a few songs from Leon Bridges so far, but from the first moment I was in. Signed-up. Done. In love. He's like Sam Cooke but young and hip and just as smooth as you like. Don't hesitate, make this happen.

* A big hurrah for the new Courtney Barnett album. I've been listening to her EP for months, obsessed, so this is a welcome addition. What a babe - so casually amazing, such straight-up brilliant songwriting, an epic sense of rhyme and timing, I can't get enough. Just reading the album title makes me happy; Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit.

* I found the new Death Cab for Cutie a few days ago and have been playing it again and again and again. It's just the kind of tight, beautiful and atmospheric pop that I know and love them for. They kill it, every time.

* No Cities to Love by Sleater Kinney has been a big part of my life this last month. Loudly, and often. Sometimes with anger, sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes when cleaning my house. It is just kick-arse good times, and a reminder to revisit some of their older stuff because AMAZING.

* Laura Marling continues to make my heart sing and my mind reel. She is some kind of prodigy to me, five albums in and each of them wonderful and impressive and better than the last.  This one is a little slower, and jazzier, if that makes sense, and so personal and expressive.

* I think we're probably all loving Father John Misty right now. All grateful for him and his I Love You, Honeybear. It's one of those I've listened to so much I wonder how I managed without it. Sweet, swoony and full of rough praise.

* I just came across Caroline Smith last week and all I can say is CRAZY / SEXY / COOL.

* Jenny Lewis I love you! This is such a gold-star, amazing album. Bliss to listen to, to sing to, to rock through your day to. I can't get enough of the politics and sweet pop of Just One of The Guys. 

* The New Basement Tapes is my kind of bluesy, alt-country listening. Feels kind of bruised and moody and rough around the edges with lots of soul. It's all buoyed by Dylan's beautiful writing and the kind of supergroup talent you get from Costello, Giddens, Mumford, Goldsmith and James.