IMG_5766.JPGThis last SUNDAY was a moment to pause. It had been / has been a rough time - I don't know that it's ever taken me nearly a week to come to this post. But this last week or so was something else. It was hard and sad and difficult, there was tragedy and heartbreak and crushing moments of fear, overwhelming perspective and endless gratefulness. Death touches us and rattles us to our bones like nothing else. Or like everything else but all at once, and with an unknowing ache. I took the day to gather myself with a grounding yoga practice, an afternoon in bed reading, and an evening on my aunt's couch, basking in some laughter and hugs and the good Swedish cider. My cousin Lucy has just moved into her first share house, after time studying abroad - it's a beautiful double-fronted cottage with the highest ceilings, a wide hallway, five other girls, lots of stained glass windows and some very overgrown lawn in the back. It's just as you'd hope at 22-ish. I picked her up on the way over we discussed the importance of books and having enough space in your bedroom for dancing. She knows what it's all about.