hydrangeaAside from listening to Courtney Barnett and trying to fold the three loads of washing that has been sitting in piles on my bed (OK, floor, piles on my floor), my week has looked a little like this: * I know I was just rattling on about how much I want autumn, but before it happens I think I'd like this salad. Doesn't it, and the cookbook, look beautiful? The photography for the book is by my heartthrob Brian W Ferry, so you know it's good. And if that lovely salad is anything to go by, the recipes must be something special too.

* And while we're on the topic of eats, I've been off sugar entirely for a couple of months now, but this might just be my comeback - my glorious, sticky, soft and lovely comeback. I miss the sweet life, but mostly I miss the baking. The act of it. The downtime in my kitchen, baking up love and comfort. Not so much the dishes.

* How much is too much for a sweatshirt? That's the question one sometimes has to ask one's self. Or they could message their friend Liz who in this case helpfully responded with 'probably two-hunge'. Which is to say, my next payday might just mean... ruffles!

* It isn't all spoiling myself around here, not all cake and ruffles you know, I have been reading too. A little, anyway. I loved this post about mindful communication from Jessica and Loren. I'm guilty of always saying 'busy' when friends ask how I am, and of sending messages when I would much rather put aside twenty minutes and just call. I only have so many hours in a day, so many days a week to myself, and I've been trying to be better with how I spend that time. Trying to be more mindful, to slow down, to put time into the people and things that matter to me.

* Swooning over the pictures Brooke Holm captured in Tasmania over on Broadsheet. Lake St Clair, so moody and stunning and clear - the sky, the air, the misty water, the thick bush. I'd like a week's stay and several bottles of chardonnay to soak it all in, I think.