IMG_5511.JPGSo late with this one. A run-around-town week and weekend and it just all added up. It was lovely though. I had my soon-to-be sister-in-law here, so it was a good chance to spoil ourselves with Coogee Pavilion, Mr Wong's, Elizabeth Bay picnics, 10 William Street bottles of proseco, Surry Hills Eating House, Three Williams, all pretty lovely. On Sunday we had my grandmother, aunties and cousins over for cake and the best biscuits there are. I'd planned to take Melody to the airport via Bronte for a swim, it being so awfully hot, but two blocks away from home it became clear that the southerly was coming early, and the storm was on, so we headed off for dinner in the afternoon at the Henson instead. By which time it was bucketing down so heavy and hard I could only just see the road in front of me, and we got saturated walking the few meters to the pub from the car. I kind of love days like that though, a nice reminder of nature's grace and force and due cause to sit inside eating burgers and fries and drinking pints. They played Fleetwood Mac and Crowded House and we got the last of the sun as the cloud cleared.