CYGOh man, do I have a thing or two to say about Call Your Girlfriend. Call your Girlfriend is 'a podcast for long distance besties everywhere' that my cuz Lucy put me onto. I always knew she was smarter than me, but this really hit it home. I spent a good week back-listening to all their previous podcasts which was totally hilarious, informative, entertaining and inspiring all at once. Walking to Bronte, on the train, cooking dinner, at my desk, folding washing, all with these top of the pops amazing ladies in my ears. Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman got me down with a whole range of important issues, including low maintenance ladyswagger, athelisure, shine theory, laptovulating, the importance of pie-charts, referring to Ruth Bader Ginsberg as Notorious RBG, and just a whole heap of smart talk about interesting ideas. They are the kind of women you want to be BFFs with, and listening to CYG is the next best thing to sitting down with a glass of wine and your bestie and talking about what matters. Sometimes it's political, it's online harassment and Hilary and changing your name, and sometimes it's menstruation news and dudes in leggings and that's all OK. It's all important talk.

Much like my young cuz Lucy, these women make me feel good about the world. That yes, it's messy and oh, so depressing in parts, but that there are amazing, strong, talented and kind as hell women out there that are doing good things. It makes me want to fist pump and give high-fives all day long…

Don't be a fool, get on it.