MMJust a little round-up of the internets I've been loving this past week. I like looking back at these posts sometimes, the links kind of tell me where my head was at, what I was drawn to at a particular time. I think this week's says 'slow down' and also 'look for the good'. * This perfect meal has been singing to me ever since Deb posted it a few hours ago. I'd like a cool evening and a bottle of cheap red to go with it. Or just autumn, I think what I'm saying is I'm ready for autumn.

* And also these shoes, to get me through the last days of summer and the first part of autumn where Sydney is just windy but otherwise pleasant. I like when you can walk home without getting too sweaty or grumpy.

* This little film, because I love mornings! Mornings and flowers and getting a head-start on your day and a strong latte while everyone else is sleeping.

* A beautiful moment. There is something about this moment that makes me so happy. The light in the photograph, the texture in the painting, the cake, the tea, the garden flowers, the repetition. It's all wonderful.

* I've booked in for a few sessions at All About Women and can't wait. I'll be going down with my aunties and cousins to celebrate International Women's Day and be inspired and probably have a champagne with lunch.

{Lovely painting by Michelle Morin}