CHThis week has been pretty damn good. Not all good, let's not get carried away there, but you have to count your blessings really. You can't let the fact that they ran out of almond milk for your latte get you down, because that would be a total JERK MOVE (even if you did go out of your way to get the bus to the nice stand on Martin Place at 7 AM). But, in order of the days and the goodtimes, thank you MONDAY for the Clovelly walk and the golden sun and sea air even though my back was sore and I could barely make it to Bronte, to TUESDAY for the thoughtful card from my bestie who didn't put her name on it, but has been sending me curly-hadwritten notes for twenty years now, to WEDNESDAY for the framed picture of four of the best smiles I know, for no reason, all the way from the Victorian coast, to THURSDAY for the cheese I ate, standing in my kitchen at twilight, wine in hand, listening to the new Decemberists album while I cooked dinner, and to FRIDAY for leaving work at 4 PM, just because I felt like it, and the old 'dinner and a movie' date ahead with the lovely Ngaio.

* Image by Camille Henrot