IMG_5381.JPGAnother round-up of my listening glory because it's easier and all the covers look so damn pretty together... * The Decemberists, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World has made me happy these last few weeks. It's their newy and it has all the raw emotion and charm I have loved their old stuff for. Rough at the edges, grown-up pop songs that are good for cold bottles of beer at twilight, lifting your day from fine to pretty lovely.

* The War on Drugs, Lost in the Dream is a good way of describing it. I don't know how, but I kind of missed this release and just found it a few weeks ago. I have been lost in the dream since, playing it back-to-back, end-on-end, obsessively and still haven't tired.

* Shakey Graves, And the War Came, and especially this song. I can't get enough of it, loudly, in the mornings - all harmonies and heartbreak and a little bit hokey which I love. Plus, he'll be in Sydney soon - anyone keen?

* Natalie Prass, which I came across over on Kate's blog (her music shout-outs are always on the money). It's truly beautiful, moody, at times sultry, very polished and it continues to grow on me with each listen.

* The Whitest Boy Alive, Dreams, which is an old one I know but sometimes you like things more when you haven't heard them for a while. And it's suited my week - busy but keeping calm and getting shit done.

* Johanna Samuels, Double Bind is one I just came across, kind of jazzy and interesting. She's got a killer voice, smooth like honey but still strong and the whole thing just feels layered and cool. Plus, I like the braids in her hair.

* Belle and Sebastien, Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance because OBVIOUSLY. They're just consistently good and I like everything they do.

* Daniel Romano, Come Cry With Me is what honky-tonk sounds like circa 2013. My friend Emma recommended it, describing him as 'a better looking Steve Buscemi. And that’s always a great reason to listen to an album'. And she's 100 % right. It sounds as classy as that embroidered suit looks.

* Hiatus Kaiyote, Tawk Tomahawk is nothing but brilliant. My brother played Nakamarra when I was home at Christmas and I fell hard. Their website describes the sound as 'multi-dimensional, polyrhythmic gangster shit' so of course I'm on board.