IMG_5370.JPGSometimes we all need a hero. Someone to look up to and learn from, someone who makes sense of stuff. Zoe is definitely one of mine - whip smart, kind, very damn funny and good at sharing. Her blog, her books, even her Instagram, all of them are gold. And not long ago she hatched an idea to make face stuff and it's about the best I've ever tried. Her Go To is now my go to. I don't know that I'd ever recommended a product before I tried her Exfoliating Swipeys and then messaged all my friends and told the girls at work and felt like stopping people on the street because GOOD LORD they're a game changer. Super mild and just-right tough on dull skin. They make me feel clearer and more glowy. I love feeling glowy. Last week she added the Face Hero to the collection and since I was almost out of rose hip oil, and trust Zoe emphatically, I ordered it straight up. And then BANG, it arrived in the post less than 24 hours later (service much!), beautifully wrapped, with a fortune cookie for good measure. You really couldn't ask for more. And I haven't tried it yet, but I strongly suspect it will be this kind of hero.

I wrote to Zoe a while back because I think she is wonderful and wanted to say 'thanks for making this stuff so accessible and fun - I love that you don't take it too seriously, but seriously enough that a girl gets to look and feel her best because that means a whole damn lot'*. 

* Oh yeah, of course she is the kind of girl who wrote back to say 'you're welcome' and that she was 'thrilled to the gills', an actual personal email like we were BFFs or something.