ORJThis picture is kind of how my head feels, but more confused and less beautiful. Just as grey though. It's a Monday, a slow public holiday Monday and the weather has at long last cooled, the sky is grey after light rain overnight, and I am drinking tea in bed. I haven't written a new year's post yet, though I keep meaning to. I'm just not sure what to write for, what I am working towards. I feel in-between and indecisive. I have new job prospects in both Sydney and Adelaide that would make for a nice change, but no idea what feels right. I'm not sad I don't think, just confused. I'm taking it slow and reading a lot…

* We're all talking about this and so we should. Amazing words from an amazing artist.

* I fell quite in love with these beautiful photographs of Nepal. It made me long for somewhere else and for feeling small and open, the way being in another world does to you.

* I like how Sarah said 'people are not all one thing'. And also 'I would like for the movie to be liked. But that’s also an uncomfortable spot for me. I don’t normally give control of my self-esteem to other people, or at least I’m trying harder not to'. I like the idea of that and think I should try harder not to too.

* Gloriously, emphatically and deliciously YES. Thank you Joy. Thank you for always.

* Grace's beautiful After the Jump podcast with Ivan Cash. I loved and felt comforted by what he had to same about loneliness and intimacy, and human connection.

{Image by Olivia Rae James}