IMG_5252.JPGSo grainy in the evening light, a few glasses of wine later, taken on my phone as I walked in the door after saying goodbye to an old friend. I spent the weekend at home in Adelaide again, for a friend's afternoon wedding - a picnic affair, blankets on the grass at the camellia gardens down the road from my folks' house. I made cucumber, cream cheese and cracked pepper sandwiches with the crusts cut off, and the raspberry slice I always make because it is always so good (here with blueberries, I make it with whatever I fancy at the time). I sat with old friends, got hugs from the much loved parents of old friends, drank champagne and smiled for my friend Hayley and her new hubby Nick all afternoon.

It was nice being back in Stirling, albeit a week after I left. The painting is one my mother's friend did for her, one I have grown up with. When I was younger I dreamed of having long curly hair and wearing flowy dresses in soft colours, just like the women in the painting. I thought it was the most beautiful picture I'd ever seen, and it still kind of is. It reminds me of the illustrations in my mother's favourite Arthur Rackham fairy tales, Edwardian prints we used to peak at in the pages of her old hardcover editions.