IMG_5082.JPGA kind of surreal SUNDAY here. Yesterday was worse, sat inside at my parents house in Stirling listening to AM radio updates and worrying about bushfires raging out of control in the Adelaide Hills. The amazing CFS crews were not able to contain them, may not for another week, and while we're 20 odd kilometres from the fire, the clouds are dark and smoky, and my heart goes out to the locals (some of them friends), whose homes and livestock may be lost. The heat in Adelaide just hangs in the air, and our stomachs drop when the wind picks up. By SUNDAY though, trying to get on with things and think positively, we had my brother and Melody, newly engaged, and her family to my parents house for lunch. Two large families, a lot of food, several bottles of Croser and an afternoon swim with the kids was as nice away as any to distract yourself from the dramas unfolding with the fires.

Stirling is so beautifully green, even at this time of year, and my folks' garden is full of some of my favourites - camellias, gardenias, agapanthas, roses, orchids, lavender - and hydrangea, all ripe for the picking.