IMG_4128.JPGI had a cup of tea with my Nanny this morning. She lives over the bridge and I always get the timing of the drive wrong and was late again. I bought roses to make up for it, but still feel bad. She gave me big hugs and cards to take home to the others in Adelaide. She asked me how I normally do my hair (it was out, not too messy), I didn't know what to say so I smiled and said I normally wear it back for work. She said 'oh, much neater' and sipped her tea. If my sister had been there I know we would have started giggling. There was an accident on Victoria Road in Rozelle so I came home through Abbotsford, where I grew up, drove past old streets and looked for the Christmas bush on Undine St that I always remember, but someone had rebuilt and pulled out the garden. Why would anyone get rid of Christmas bush?

My room is a mess with piles of clean clothes that need to go into a suitcase or into my drawers. I have books stacked everywhere and no idea what to read. So instead I had a nap on the bed and now I'm listening to Caitlin Harnett and opening Christmas presents I shouldn't (thanks Marni - LOVE the socks).

Just one more sleep.