IMG_3992.JPGI'm trying hard not to be overwhelmed by the season. Just a few days in and December might be wearing me down. Awake before 6 with one hundred things to do, at work by 7, long days, always something on, not enough yoga, too much wine. On Monday I stayed in to write cards and listen to Christmas carols - sitting on my bedroom floor, ribbons and paper everywhere, it felt like every other year. It felt like that delicate balance between sending out love all happy and festive, and being exhausted. Full of lists and obligations and a heavy sadness for another year gone by. I spoke to my sister yesterday, she'd been up baking gingerbread for her class till 11 PM the last three nights (because that's what teachers do). She was tired, she was stressed. Tonight I was early to meet friends and found myself with an hour at North Bondi. And sitting here just now writing this, watching the water and thinking about the month ahead, a school of dolphins came in and started diving by the rocks and close to shore. Actual dolphins. I don't know that I've seen dolphins in the wild before (or I can't remember when I have). I don't know that I've had quite such a resounding put-your-damn-worries-away-and-wake-up-to-the-moment in the wild before either. The silvery grey of the sky as the heat of the day slowed and the storm rolled in, their playful tails in the few soft waves, the nowhere to be for an hour and the thought that December just happens once a year all fell into place. It wasn't a bad Thursday.