IMG_3906.JPGI posted a little throwback Thursday over on IG today, and it kept throwing me. My head was all over the place all day, thinking about Deep South charm and memories of the road in between briefings and emails. All because I saw Hurray for the Riff Raff at the Newtown Social Club last night. They were as amazing as I had hoped - Alynda Lee is as small as she is spectacular, and she sings the blues like no one's business.

'well so long pretty baby, guess I won't see you for a while oh so long pretty baby, guess I won't see you for a while you been a good old wagon, you got me there in style oh but you left me here, to walk a ragged mile well a woman's heart its made of solid rock oh a  woman's heart its made of solid rock and if you love her, she'll give you all she's got oh and buddy, that can be an awful lot'

Mostly, their music is just how I remember Louisiana - bold and rough and full of heart. I really loved New Orleans, fell for the cobble streets, the lolly-coloured houses, the music on every corner and the joy that seemed to spill out of everyone. Joy for life, joy from music is how it seemed to me.

Today I've been remembering the drive south through Mississippi to NOLA, eating apples for breakfast, drinking sweet iced coffees and listening to Old Crow Medicine Show songs and To Kill a Mockingbird on audiobooks. Just two years ago, nearly to the day - it was almost Thanksgiving and the days were sunny and not too sticky. The eating was incredible (lobster mac and cheese OF MY DREAMS), and the hotel made plum gin fizz and I about died from how beautiful the bar was. We didn't make it to the Saint Louis cemetery which I had really wanted to do, but I bought a sweet vintage tablecloth and ate my fill of beignets, so good enough.