IMG_3785-1.JPGI love, love, love that I woke up to heavy, noisy, pouring rain on SUNDAY. Couldn't have asked for a better excuse to sleep in. I didn't put the kettle on till 8 and then took a cup of tea, some honey yoghurt and toast with orange marmalade back to bed to watch Beginners. I saw the first ten minutes or so a few years ago before falling asleep (as is my habit when cuddling on the couch). It's one of the many streaming on SBS at the moment, and I'd been meaning to find time for it because I knew I'd love it. And I did, so much. The distant, stripped-back LA feeling, the quiet simplicity of it, the sad, lonely parts, the golden yet awkward memories, the knowing someone and having them know you. I loved the beautiful father and son relationship, the truths the characters came to, the sparse dialogue and the sweetest / smartest dog, the old, wide houses full of nice chairs, and especially the circle of the story. The 'this is what the stars look like' moments.

It was good to take it slow. I met friends for lunch at Kitchen By Mike later because their roast pork is so special, bought some new bathers at Zimmermann and was not long back to bed for a little more Christmas preparation (it's slow going, but super rewarding and calming).

* Quite different, but thinking how nice the father / son relationship was in About Time too, not something you get a lot of in film...